Atlanta Trail Runs

North-West Georgia Trail Running Locations

West Cobb Army Corps Land at Frey Elementary School

Location: Frey Elementary and Durham Middle Schools are located at 2865 Mars Hill Rd. in Acworth, Cobb County. Army Corps land is adjacent to the school to the north and west along Old Stilesboro Road. Take Cobb Parkway (Hwy 41) to Acworth and head south on Mars Hill Rd for one mile. The school is on your right.

Description: The trails are accessed via two entrances, both on the grounds of Frey Elementary and Durham Middle Schools. The first entrance is on your left as you enter the parking lot for Durham Middle School. The first quarter mile of this trail is an outdoor classroom with benches and teaching podiums and such. The other trailhead, better to use on the weekends and at night when school is not in session, is across the paved circle of hell (AKA running track) behind Durham Middle School. Cross over the track and head up the steps into the woods. You are there. 

There are? acres of Army Corps land behind the school. A large portion of the land is below flood level and quite flat. It is actually quite refreshing to not have to slog up and down hills and the flat sections remind me of central Missouri prarie or the Long Island pine barrens. I have not explored the hillier sections yet but will be doing so after hunting season. Although there has been talk of developing MTB and hiking trails, it has not happened yet and most of the trails are smootháx4 roads or grass. If you need groomed trails and dont like being on your own in the woods, stick to Kennesaw Mountain or Red Top. If you just want to get out and explore in the woods or if you like solitude, this is a beautiful place.

Speaking of hunting season, the Army Corps land is leased by Cobb County and is closed to all but registered hunters from sunrise to sunset during November and December and from sunrise to 10:00 am during September, October and January. No problem though, just bring your headlamp and head out for some early morning or nightime fun!

Maps: None that I know of. Remember that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. In winter, the sun is in the southern sky at noon. At night, the train whistle will indicate the railroad in Acworth to the north.